Clydesdale Midweek Club

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Midweek Racing


Click for the latest results :

Dunbar 19th April 2016 (pdf)

Dunbar 26th April 2016 (pdf)

Eyemouth 3rd May 2016 (pdf)

Dunbar  10th May 2016 (pdf)

Dunbar  17th May 2016 (pdf)

York 24th May 2016 (pdf)

Dunbar 31st May 2016 (pdf)

Berwick 7th June 2016 (pdf

Youjg Birds

Dunbar 26th July 2016 (pdf))

Dunbar  2nd August 2016 (pdf)

Dunbar 9th August 2016 (pdf)

Berwick 16th August 2016 (pdf)

Alnwick 23rd August 2016 (pdf)